Ningbo SaiTeLi Chemical Technology Co., Ltd.


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Ningbo SaiTeLi Chemical Technology Co.,Ltd. was founded in September 2000, is a set design, development, production and sales of the modern industrial enterprises, specializing in the production of panchromatic spectrum: Color Masterbatch, functional masterbatch and modified plastics. The company is located in Ninghai County, the National Ecological Demonstration County, adjacent to Beilun port and Ningbo airport. It is adjacent to Shanghai and Hangzhou, and has convenient air, sea and land transportation.

The company has imported computer color matching equipment, quality testing equipment, a full set of advanced production equipment and double screw automatic filling equipment, and joint masterbatch technology research center leading and Beijing University of Chemical Technology.

More than 10 years of growth, the company's products have won the market fully affirmed and trusted, at present, products have been widely used in auto parts, household appliances, daily necessities, stationery and other plastic products.

Companies pay attention to personnel training and technological innovation, has the first-class technical personnel and sales backbone and high-quality management personnel, to be able to provide customers with excellent pre-sales service and strong customer service support, and actively participate in the development of customer product color. "Better service, higher quality products" is Seth Li goal, we adhere to the customer as the center, vowed to the first-class products to customers at home and abroad, to meet and exceed customer expectations!

The company has continuously deepened its internal management and has never satisfied the status quo, and has been constantly reforming and innovating. It is the management concept of "realistic, dedicated, hardworking and enterprising".